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Unwrong Quiz & Dare to be Charlie

Dare to be Charlie
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Thursday 24th June saw another of Frog's spectacular nights at the Montague Arms, this time the "Unwrong Quiz" hosted by Frog and the incomparable Mark Quinn. This is quiz with no right or wrong answers, but bizarre and thought provoking questions, where you are awarded prizes for the most interesting, clever, funny or just plain weird answers. You can even play along on their facebook page.

As nights of daftness and fun go, this is fast becoming a New Cross favorite especially with Goldsmith's students... and it will soon be translated to Edinburgh where Mark & Frog have a run as part of the fringe festival. Details can be seen on Frog's website.

This month the Unwrong Quiz was pleased to welcome as their special guests 'Dare to be Charlie' the fantastic new band with Daren Callow & Chalie Savigar. Daren and Charlie have both been in different bands (and solo sets) in the past and now joined forces, collaborating on new songs and developing music they performed in the past.
As a fan of their earlier work it is really great to hear how it is developing and the new influences being brought to play as they feed off each other's talent. There is definitely a new life and vibe, and given that I am a sing-a-long type fan, particularly of some of Daren's earlier work (which incidentally he performed at our wedding) I was pleased to discover that even I thought it was a development for the better.

I can highly recommend them and not just because they are our friends! You can check out all their upcoming gigs on their various sites:

Daren Callow - musician on facebook
Daren Callow - website
Charlie Savigar - music on facebook
Charlie Savigar - webiste

Listen to their music:

Daren Callow - myspace
Charlie Savigar - myspace

And as always lots more photos from the evening on my flickr page!

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  1. Thanks so much for your lovely words!

    Daren & Charlie