Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Chutney Preserves 4, Animal Fair @ Camberwell Green

I love my life. I know I grumble sometimes, and plenty of rubbish things DO still happen. But all in all being married to a talented performance artist and having talented performance artist friends is pretty amazing, and I do get to go to some of the randomest events - and that is random in a very good way - as in unexpected, extraordinary, surprising, thought provoking and plain fun.

Sunday was important for several reasons - it was TOO hot, the last day of Glastonbury, Germany beating England in the world cup - but most of all it saw the culmination of the Camberwell Arts Festival on Camberwell Green in the form of Chutney Preserves 4, Animal Fair - when you've read this go check out their blog - it will make more sense.

This is really just a quick ' photo blog' about the bits I saw, hopefully you can get an idea of the scope:
Who said a Bear & a Fox can't be friends?
The Urban Bear has his questions answered by the Fox Witch
Summoning worms with tuning forks
Rebecca Feiner and Helene Corr with  Worm Charming Olympics
Snail Races
Daniel Lehan presented "Snail Races" - my snail Daisy (with the red spot) lost her race after Neville took an Unfair Advantage at the start of the race - we are still waiting to hear the judges final decision. Daniel?
Donkey Sanctury
Frog gave several performances during the day, ably assisted by his assortments of puppets.
AgressionCalum F. Kerr
Dr Gerald Van Elk presents: Are You Wild Enough?
Afternoon Tea with The Laughing Bear
Afternoon tea at the Urban Bear Research Centre

As always there are lots more photos on my flickr pages, and I haven't listed even half the artists involved, please do visit Chutney Preserves Blog where you will find full details along with links to the artists.

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  1. The judges are still considering the video evidence of Neville's behaviour - which they are insisting they watch in slow motion.

    Needless to say watching slow motion footage of a snail is a slow affair !!