Monday, 14 June 2010

Children - you've got to love them

Now my Mum & Dad dragged me up properly, I was duly instilled with the idea that it is wrong to laugh AT (as opposed to WITH) someone .... but occasionally you just can't help yourself, and this morning was definitely one of those mornings.

I'm not necessarily at my best first thing in the morning, I have a set routine which is 'just so' and a set time to leave the house to walk to the bus stop. And woe-betide any one or anything who interferes with that. One of the bonuses of leaving at the same time each day is that you see the same people. There is a man who I've said hello to at least three times a week for several years now - and we now swap comments on the weather and the state of the road works on the often flooded approach to my estate (he works at the factory right next to it). There's the very nice man who kicks a football round the park everyday for his bouncy brown dog and we wave each morning. The lovely crossing lady outside the primary school...

well I didn't see any of them this morning - I had left five minutes early...

as I walked past the local park, on the opposite side of the road a young boy (about 6 maybe) and his mum came out of their flat, the boy had a scooter and was a few yards in front of me, and his mum was just a pace or two behind me (but both on the opposite pavement) I wasn't really paying attention to them - I was looking for the green parakeets which have recently colonised the park - (the first in this particular area)- when the boy suddenly grabbed my attention by abruptly stopping his scooter, turning round and yelling back to his mum- "oi, whatcha look like that for?", of course I looked over, just as his mum asked what he meant, and he replied "are those your pajamas?" at the top of his voice.

I couldn't help myself, I laughed out loud and turned to look at his mum - who was wearing a brown cotton tracksuit and flip flops...

I had a hard time keeping a straight face though while all three of us were waiting for the same bus - luckily I had a book to hide my nose in. I might add the little boy to my list of favorite morning people - anyone who can make me laugh that early on in the day is alright in my books - though of course his mum might not agree.

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