Monday, 21 June 2010

Celebrating 2 Years as Mrs Frog

Happy Anniversary to us!

The splendid Mr Frog Morris and I got married two years ago today..... yay!

We celebrated this splendid occasion by disappearing to Sussex for a lovely weekend spent at The Swan in Fittleworth - the perfect combination of real ale old pub in the middle of nowhere - fine dining and romantic traditional luxury. Complete with the antique four poster bed, and the lovely staff put red roses in our room! It was a dream come true for me - I am sure I'm not the only one to have grown up imagining herself as a princess or medieval lady, there is something magic about four posters - and this really was a genuine AN-T-I-QUE ... it was a good job neither of us were tall , as the bed was exactly as long as we were! but ever so comfy and decadent!

The service was far and away the best I've ever experienced on holiday - so friendly, very attentive without being in the slightest bit intrusive, we were given the same table for every meal - which they called 'our table'. The food was simply lovely - very generous portions, excellently cooked at the point you order it, no pre-cooked nonsense there.

The surrounding countryside was just stunning, we went on a lovely evening walk along the nearby river, white rumped swifts were zooming around us and skimming the river, the sunset was beautiful.

                 Best of all of course, I was there with my wonderful Frog. It was utter bliss to be away from teh hubub of London for a while, and to forget what mobile phones, laptops and crowded commutes are all about. Of course we were left wishing we could be there longer, and I hope we'll go back some time - there is still so much to see and do in the area!

more photos on my flickr page

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