Saturday, 5 June 2010


No, this post isn't about the pointy eared friends of fairies...

Last night I went with Frog, Theo and Tom to see the band the Pixies play at The Troxy in London.

What an amazing evening.

For starters I was in the company of some of my favorite people - unfortunately Sheree who was meant to be joining us had the misfortune to fall into a pothole the previous day and badly sprained her ankle so wasn't able to come, but Tom very kindly stopped the ticket from going to waste and came in her stead - generous fellow isn't he? Particularly when he went to the same gig the day before - selfless! Now normally when we go out anywhere which requires us to be there at a particular time I get Stressed (and yes the capital 'S' is deliberate) about travel arrangements and being late. But for once that wasn't an issue as I knew the route well, having had to travel through Limehouse as part of my daily commute when I worked at Mile End - so I knew the timings. Having arrived at Limehouse in plenty of time we were able to stop at a local pub for a quick pint before the gig, leaning against a lamp post gossiping in evening sun, people watching as the world went by. Already a great evening. The queue to get in to the venue was predictably long, but friendly.

Now I do know who the Pixies are, but as any of my friends can tell you I am RUBBISH at remembering which artists do what songs, so when Frog told me they were playing and I liked their songs, I rather took him on trust. As we were queuing to get in, I felt a little guilty as the gig was sold out, and most people there were clearly diehard fans... and I was a little, shall we say, fuzzy, on what I was going to hear. Well that didn't last long, frog was right, I more than 'like' the Pixies, I can in fact sing along to their songs. Two of the ones they played rank among my favorite ever (although that might have something to do with the fact that they appear on the first ever complimation CD Frog made me, which he used to first tell me he love me - awwww - and in case anyone is wondering they are: 'Gigantic' & 'Here Comes Your Man')

Even if I hadn't already known and liked their music, it would have been hard indeed not to love the gig. The atmosphere was incredible and the sound amazing. And even if I hadn't liked the sound - the grin on Frog's face would have made the night perfect on it's own - ok ok I know I am cheesy. It was the most mixed audience I have seen at gig, with a whole spectrum of ages - a testament to how long the band have been playing. It was a little difficult to see past all the tall people who pushed to the front - my neck was aching a bit from craning by the end, but that is only a little grumble! It was truly fantastic.

It was also a huge milestone for me - it is the first, big noisy crowded event I have enjoyed and not felt the slightest bit panicky about since I have come off my anti-depressants. I was slightly nervous on entering the venue, and told the boys they weren't allowed to leave or lose me - but in the end I was the one who drifted a bit dancing in the audience - and I didn't panic - huzzah!

My familiarity with the area also proved useful after the gig as we decided to let the crush clear and I was able to direct us to a close but quiet real ale pub. yes that is right, for once it wasn't a male morris pub sense in play! smug points to me! a quick ride on the DLR and newly reopened East London Line and we were back in New Cross Gate.

Tom & Theo are perfect house guests - very laid back and easy to please the next morning- a couple of cups of tea, a few rashers of grilled bacon, scrambled eggs, mushrooms & hot buttered toast and the jobs a good'un.

A grand night was had by all... can't wait until September now when we have tickets to see the Eels. (and yes, I know who they are!) YAY!

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  1. Now what would someone with an over-analytical brain like mine make of those track choices of Frog's ? hee hee