Sunday, 18 July 2010

Loving my Life

This has been a spectacularly good week. After a particularly hectic couple of days (10hr shift on Friday & 11hrs on Saturday working a bookstall) and a very lazy Sunday mostly sleeping, Monday was relatively quiet day at work - followed by a splendid evening out with my friend Ronni. We started the evening in The Old Brewery in Greenwich (and yes they do brew on site) for a quiet drink before heading across town to the Bloomsbury theatre where we saw Dave Gorman's show : Sit Dow, Pedal, Pedal, Stop and Stand Up it was being filmed for the new dvd, and as we were sat just off centre on the second row, I guess there is every chance we'll be on the DVD too ... it was a splendiferously funny evening and Dave Gorman. Although it was scary to realise that his show "Are You Dave Gorman?" which I watched most episodes of was 10 years ago! ergh I must be getting old!

Most of the rest of the week was fairly quiet, until friday evening when Frog and I went to dinner with some good friends at Hong Kong City in New Cross. As I was walking to the restaurant I was handed a flyer for a weight loss program - how rude! It wouldn't have been too bad but the same lady gave me another one on Saturday when I was in Deptford market - grr! anyway, back to our splendid dinner- good friends, good food, good fun!  We couldn't quite believe when we left that we had been there for four and a half hours, it didn't seem like half so long. We ordered the fixed menu for 5 - a fantastic range, I can particularly recommend the crispy shredded duck pancakes (the roast duck is shredded in front of you at the table) and the sizzling lamb (which is well named as it came to the table furiously hot and spitting) tasted utterly magnificent. It was the perfect setting for hours of good conversation and laughs. As we sat there with our friends talking all sorts of nonsense, I suddenly realised that this was exactly what I imagined my life in London would be like. So my job isn't perfect, we don't have a garden, and I can't afford all the shoes I so clearly need(!) but still life is pretty amazing.

Whilst we don't have a garden several of our friends do and Saturday saw us at Daren's BBQ - as soon as we arrived Frog took over the all important lighting of the barbeque... whilst we fired up the oven grill and started cooking, frog foraged for bits of twig and a fresh bag of coals, and even (shudder) fire lighters, we shall diplomatically blame the length of time it took to get to cooking temperature on damp coals... ahem, I know it sounds terrible that we cooked in the oven at a BBQ but the kids were hungry (as were some of the adults) It was still a brilliant day, lots of Daren's friends and family - little children running around and using anyone who sat still long enough as a climbing frame - yes it was my idea of heaven! The weather smiled on us - not too hot but not too cloudy - perfect lounging on the grass sipping wine weather. Of course given the company the guitars came out, and impromtu first guitar lessons were given to the attendent children - when asked how well they were playing I answered with perfect truthfulness that they were better than frog - mean aren't I!?

Big thank you to Daren and everyone there for a lovely afternoon / evening.

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