Tuesday, 13 July 2010

family fun

So I've neglected my blog for a bit - busy crazy life!

We went away the first weekend in July to celebrate a family birthday - morris clan on mass.
We stayed in Wimmereux France (about 30 min from Calais) - had a gorgeous weekend. I am SO lucky you hear so many horror stories about people not getting on with their inlaws and I love mine to pieces.

a few photos from our weekend:

The splendid Theo and Sheree on the ferry over to France - Theo's phone is not so new anymore but he is still very enamored with it... well it does have lots of sparkly apps!
Sheree made a new very enthusiastic friend

Wimmereux is a lovely seaside town, the beach is so beautiful - the first day we were there was a little overcast in the morning - but it soon brightened up, we were even able to get lots of swimming in!



A Room with a View


and of course it wouldn't be me if there weren't a lot more photos on my flickr page!

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