Thursday, 8 July 2010

Honesty is the best policy....

I love that my husband is incurably honest.

He's just walked in and presented me with a bunch of flowers - this is something of a rare treat for me especially before 10am, so naturally I am delighted and ignore the £1.99 Sainsbury's bargain sticker - beautifully orangey red roses, spray carnations and something purple are always good. So with a huge grin I say thank you - and give him a kiss, obviously he's noticed all the cleaning and cooking I've been doing, or maybe it's the self imposed study exile I am currently living in ... whatever it is, here is a tangible 'I love you' ... right?

hmmm... so you would think.

he turns to walk away, impulsively turns back and says "actually there is a reason you got flowers" .... am I a bad person because my first thought then was "what have you done?" - scratched the car? ruined a jumper? spent lots of money (not on flowers) ?

... he continued "I had to buy some flowers for a performance tonight and I thought you would be cross if I bought myself some flowers and didn't get you any"

the wry smile while he said it, with the slightly embarrassed hug - yes I knew it was true. And yes I probably would have been miffed.

But I still like my flowers, they are in a vase perched on the table next to where I am meant to be writing my essay (on how the law protects individuals who lack the understanding and appreciation to exercise their own rights and responsibilities) but am instead surfing the Internet and blogging and they are very cheery -  and he was still thinking of me... right?

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  1. I think that's very nice - I have some art deco posy vases and pick daisies and lavender etc and put them out - in fact I'm going to do one today now I think of it x