Sunday, 8 August 2010

Edinburgh Fringe

So the Edinburgh Fringe Festival has well and truly started, my splendid husband Frog and Mark Quinn have taken the ever popular UnWrong Quiz from it's normal venue at the Montague Arms in South London, to Bannermans 212 Cowgate Edinburgh, with very special guest Theo Morris providing the music between rounds. Yesterday was their first show, and where was this devoted friend and wife? That's right, in London - can we all say "inadequate holiday allowance"?

Grr the need to work and earn money to pay bills! Still I'll get to join them later in the week.

anyhoo... I am following events as closely as possible from London, so here is a little update. First off, an interview with Mark by endingburghgirl

Their first show apparently went well - Andrew Collings of radio fame had a show at the same venue immediately before and stayed for the UnWrong Quiz and enjoyed it, who wouldn't when you can win a marrow! Check out his twitter feed:

CollingsA: "Joined in with #unwrongquiz at Bannermans straight after my show today, 1.45, w @mark_monkey69 & @frogmorris. I won a marrow! You could too"

CollingsA: "@theomorris I liked your songs, by the way, esp. Cold War one"

Huzzah for Theo! So glad it is all coming together.

1.45pm (1hr) 7th - 17th August 2010
PBH Free Fringe at Bannermans,
212 Cowgate Edinburgh EH1 1NQ

Frog also has some other gigs lined up:

11pm Monday 9th August 2010
The Vault, 11 Merchant Street, Edinburgh

10.30pm 10th August 2010
Ryries, 1A Haymarket Edinburgh, EH12 5EY

6pm Friday 13th August 2010
Cabaret Voltaire (SpeakEasy) 36 Blair Street, Edinburgh

7.15pm Sunday 15th August
The Voodoo Rooms, 19a West Register Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2AA

If you're in Edinburgh you should most definitely also check out the brilliant Charlotte Young, her show Audi, Vide, Tace also at Bannermans runs from 18th - 28th August daily at 1.45pm

Martin White's (Of Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra & Dave Gorman's Radio show - amongst other things) new musical Gutted from 6th - 28th August

I confess I am feeling rather lonely and miserable to be missing the first few shows - not just because I am rubbish at being away from Frog for any length of time - a day at work is too long on it's own! But I really wish I could be there supporting everyone, and being part of what I know is an unforgettable experience for them.

Good luck guys - miss you all loads, and can't wait to see you later this week. 

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